A Generous street artist People who know me know that it is difficult to “drag” me in a museum. I am not really receptive to sculptures or paintings, and am not really touched by most of the things I could see from modern art. But why do I write a cultural blog you could ask. … Lire la suite JR


With 3 Rocketmen As I mentioned in – for those who already read it – my article about Elton John’s concert, last May, when the Rocketman movie was released I was a little (a lot) obsessed with it.  A bit like for Lalaland at the time I had a lot of expectations about this movie. … Lire la suite Rocketman


A masterpiece and a full on experience I could not not miss out on such an event of a movie and I really wanted to talk to you about this one. Joker is a major event for several reasons. It is about the Joker, classic character from the DC Comics universe and a character that … Lire la suite Joker

Les Antipodes

Les Cowboys Fringant’s latest album Les Cowboys Fringants. Ce groupe est mon groupe chouchou. Groupe québécois, je les connaissais déjà – bien que peu – avant mon année universitaire passée à Montréal. Je connaissais surtout certains de leurs vieux morceaux les plus rythmés sans jamais avoir fait attention à leurs paroles. Et puis un jour, … Lire la suite Les Antipodes

Elton John

The Man, The Legend – on Stage This was kind of a crazy spur of the moment thing when I decided to go see Elton  John this month at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA. I think Elton John is one of the few singers that my parents listened to when I was a kid … Lire la suite Elton John

Michael Fox

An obsession after another OK, so one of my recent obsession has been the Downton Abbey TV series. I discovered it quite late as I watched it only this summer in preparation for the release of the Downton Abbey motion picture. I became totally obsessed – you will see along this blog that I tend … Lire la suite Michael Fox